Open Access

Open Access is available to our current class students only for extra practise and finishing off work only.  Currently Each week Thursdays 1pm-3.30pm from 12th JAN 2023  £20.00

Spaces are limited to 6 students per session and a minimum of 2 students must be present at all times. Please check the sign up sheet for your session to ensure that there is at least one other person due to be there.

If no other member of 318 is in the building you will be responsible for locking up.

There are no facilities for glazing during these sessions.

We ask you to respect the system with no commercial production please.

Current Sign-up Sheets

Title Date Open Spots  
Thursday 21st September 1-3.30pm N/A 6
Thursday 28th Sept 1-3.30pm N/A 6
Thursday 5th Oct 1-3.30pm N/A 6
Thursday 12th Oct 1-3.30pm N/A 6
Thursday 19th October 2023 N/A 6