I love coming to my classes at 318. First-rate teaching, great facilities and a happy atmosphere all make learning how to make pots thoroughly absorbing and enjoyable – compulsive even! I feel very lucky to have found the Farnham Pottery.


My wife bought me a voucher for a course at 318 Ceramics 3 years ago. As a government scientist and a prime example of Practical Man, I did not think that arts and crafts were up my street. The tutors eased me gently into the subject and after 2 or 3 weeks on the Exploring Clay course, I discovered the wonderful unpredictability of what comes out of the kiln when you make even simple objects and then apply oxides and glazes. Making something unique out of a lump of clay is very satisfying. Each term I wonder what will steal my interest in the next sessions and so far there have always been too many ideas to pursue fully. The staff and facilities are excellent, and once you have some experience, there are opportunities to continue your projects in the Open Access sessions, outside the course timetable. My interests have stayed on the practical side, mainly making objects for the garden and indoor plants but exploring a range of construction techniques including hand building and throwing on the wheel. My enthusiasm is undiminished and this is largely due to inclusive attitude and expertise of all the people involved. Beware if you give this a try – you are likely to get hooked.



I have been attending 318 Ceramics for over two years now, I was a total beginner when I started and had never done any pottery before. I have learnt so much in that time and been taught by some fantastic teachers in my class and in specialist workshops that I have also attended. I would totally recommend 318 Ceramics, the only problem is you’ll soon get hooked on pottery like I did.