Susan Halls Summer School

We were delighted to welcome Susan Halls to host our Summer School in July this year.

Sue’s international reputation is eclipsed by few. Her dexterous, sensitive and intuitive feeling for the manipulation of clay has seen her lead the way in the field of figurative ceramics.  This course, by no means excluded throwers; Sue’s skill at manipulating thrown elements is truly enlightening. We were very lucky to host her.

Over the three days students worked with stoneware paper clay looking at several different ways of making animal sculpture.

Susan demonstrated some of the many techniques she uses to make her pieces – including how to use her unique and liberating external armature.

Animal anatomy was much discussed as this underpins all thinking….there was even a real dog!

The small animals on top of the kiln were an exercise in 3D sculpture. Starting with a flat 2D shape, the animals that were created blew everyone away with their simplicity whilst being totally individual.

As you can see their is a huge variety of sizes and animals. Each student produced an animal over the three days of their choosing.

Susan was a fantastic teacher and a very talented artist.  She loved our studio and the atmosphere created by the people and the place.

Everyone who attended loved the summer school, a great time had by all!