Gareth Mason Masterclass…’bold and dynamic engagement with the wheel’

Another triumphant Gareth Mason Masterclass at 318 Ceramics.

In this follow-up day for anyone who has attended one of Gareth’s previous throwing events at 318, students were really encouraged to challenge their throwing skills, resulting in some really amazing work.

Gareth thoroughly re-visited the essentials of throwing technique, focusing on any specific issues that participants may have encountered since the session they attended previously.

The day was intended to be a ‘shot in the arm’, reinforcing past progress and encouraging a bold and dynamic engagement with the wheel.

One students commented “I only took a picture of one of the pots I made. I was too busy enjoying every minute of the whole experience… and what an experience it was!”

“Such a privilege. A thoroughly enjoyable and liberating experience. Head, hands and heart all working in unison. The next throwing class cannot come soon enough.”

Gareth will be back at 318 soon…we’ll let you know the date!