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Exploring Clay: Monday morning course

Luisa Cacciotti

Throwing: Wednesday Morning class, Wednesday afternoon class, Friday morning class

Sheena Bond

Exploring Clay: Monday evening class, Tuesday morning class

Josh Schoeman

Exploring Clay: Thursday morning class

Colin Wiskin

Throwing: Tuesday evening class

Lene Ryden

Throwing for Beginners: Thursday evening class

Creative Clay Club: Thursday after school 

I am a Danish artist who has lived in England for over 25 years. I have a degree in teaching. Since I qualified in 1993, I have cherished engaging with pupils and adults alike, exploring collaborative and creative ways of approaching learning opportunities.

I am fascinated by forms, textures and colours and enjoy the haptic experience of exploring objects through touch, thriving on connecting emotionally with different types of art work.

I have harnessed the pleasure (and admittedly, sometimes sheer frustration) in the pursuit of creating beautiful domestic ware in both porcelain and stoneware.

The playful and intuitive exploration I experience when applying and using different decorating techniques are of similar qualities to my expressions in 2-D drawings and paintings. I appreciate using a range of glazes and stains in a free and non-repetitive manner.

I am at my final year of doing an MA in ceramics at Farnham University For The Creative Arts (UCA) and have been positively challenged to embrace different ways of expressing myself artistically. I have found this very thought-provoking, inspiring and life affirming.

It is a privilege to teach here at 318 Ceramics, combining my passion for both teaching and ceramics. Farnham Pottery is a wonderful historic building where many potters have shared their love for working with clay. I feel excited about enabling other people developing their creative side through this wonderful material.

Stephanie Lang