Kathy Mason

Exploring Clay: Monday morning course

Luisa Cacciotti

Throwing: Wednesday Morning class, Wednesday afternoon class, Friday morning class

Sheena Bond

Exploring Clay: Monday evening class, Tuesday morning class

Around 2006, I discovered The Farnham Pottery, and more specifically West Street Potters. Eager to learn about working with clay, I joined and began classes with Julia Quigley and Kathy Mason. I soon realised that this medium was ‘my thing’ and so very satisfying in many ways. I loved the sensuous feeling of wet clay in my hands, and the excitement of learning how to throw. Trying Raku firing was yet another exciting adventure, leading me into the alchemy of clay and glazes.

After a couple of years at West Street Potters, I was encouraged to apply to study ceramics at Farnham, UCA. The next five years was a journey of discovery, both of myself as a person, but also setting the groundwork for exploration, investigation, and ongoing development of my practice.

I graduated in 2013 with a BA(Hons) Three Dimensional Design, and went on to win and Award for Excellence from the Society of Designer Craftsmen, during an exhibition at The Mall Galleries in London.

Later that year I exhibited my graduation piece, ‘Quantitative Easing’ at Craft in the Bay in Cardiff, where it was sold to a private collector.

Since then I have worked collaboratively with other artists, creating pieces for Hampshire Cultural Trust, and Eastleigh Borough Council.

I also continue to work for Hampshire Cultural Trust on their Horizon 20:20 Program, teaching, supporting and encouraging young people who have been excluded from main stream education for one reason or another. I find this work hugely satisfying, being able to engage with youngsters who find schooling so difficult.

Over the last five years, I’ve shared Studio space at The Sorting Office Studios in Hampshire, and at 318 Ceramics. Latterly I now have studio space at my home in Bishopstoke, Hampshire.

I’ve been a tutor at 318 Ceramics for over two years now, and thoroughly enjoy sharing my skills, encouraging and inspiring others to find their own paths in this fascinating medium.

Ceramics continues to offer me opportunities for exploration and experimentation on a personal level, something I value enormously.

Josh Schoeman

Exploring Clay: Thursday morning class

Colin Wiskin

Throwing: Tuesday evening class

Lene Ryden

Throwing for Beginners: Thursday evening class

Creative Clay Club: Thursday after school 

I am a Danish artist who has lived in England for over 25 years. I have a degree in teaching. Since I qualified in 1993, I have cherished engaging with pupils and adults alike, exploring collaborative and creative ways of approaching learning opportunities.

I am fascinated by forms, textures and colours and enjoy the haptic experience of exploring objects through touch, thriving on connecting emotionally with different types of art work.

I have harnessed the pleasure (and admittedly, sometimes sheer frustration) in the pursuit of creating beautiful domestic ware in both porcelain and stoneware.

The playful and intuitive exploration I experience when applying and using different decorating techniques are of similar qualities to my expressions in 2-D drawings and paintings. I appreciate using a range of glazes and stains in a free and non-repetitive manner.

I am at my final year of doing an MA in ceramics at Farnham University For The Creative Arts (UCA) and have been positively challenged to embrace different ways of expressing myself artistically. I have found this very thought-provoking, inspiring and life affirming.

It is a privilege to teach here at 318 Ceramics, combining my passion for both teaching and ceramics. Farnham Pottery is a wonderful historic building where many potters have shared their love for working with clay. I feel excited about enabling other people developing their creative side through this wonderful material.

Stephanie Lang