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We are committed to providing makers of all ages and all abilities with the chance to be inspired by ceramics. Clay is a particularly accessible material which we are instinctively motivated to explore and we believe that these qualities make it a great way to connect people and communities.    

318 Ceramics started its journey as a creative organisation thanks to those members of the community committed to our vision and we could not continue without their ongoing support. Community is at the heart of what we do and we will work with groups of people who are brought together for whatever reason:   

Our programme of activity will reflect the demands from communities of people – wherever they live and whatever their ability – who share our passion for clay.   

We are interested in working with communities of people who want to bring about change. Working with clay can require critical thinking, problem solving and creativity and these skills can be applied within organisations to effect change or to an issue which needs resolution.   

We are part of a community of organisations at the Farnham Pottery who work together to make it an inspiring place to be. We look forward to becoming part of the wider community within Wrecclesham, as such we aim to enrich our own geographic community, as well as other areas in which we work.   

We provide targeted support for ceramicists who make a living from their craft, offering studio space, mentoring and professional development opportunities.   

If you would like to find out more about our community programme then please get in touch. We are always interested in hearing about your ideas, challenges you are facing or offers of help.