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the life behind 318 ceramics
Back in November 2016 a group of first year film students came to the pottery to make a film about 318 ceramics.  Here is the finished programme.  Well done to all the students who were an absolute delight to have at the pottery.  Some budding young film makers I think!  Here is the link to watch it.

Use and Beauty : things, thinking and work with Alison Britton - 5th March 2015

The famous pairing of 'use and beauty' is Bernard Leach's, and the largest Leach archive resides here in Farnham at the Crafts Study Centre. Alison Britton's lecture will explore a thread through her own work over the past few years that weaves different connections to use and beauty in the way her thinking has evolved through the mixed making pots, writing, and curating. It celebrates the instability of craft in the spectrum of art and design. 
image by Toby Glanville

As the Chair of the Trustees for 318 Ceramics, Ashley Howard is pivotal in the organisation, and his vision has been significant in helping to get the project off the ground. He is Lecturer in Ceramics at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, where he is a committed teacher of both graduate and undergraduate students, and he will, of course, be teaching some of the courses for 318 Ceramics. Here I take a brief look at Ashley's work, his inspirations and his thoughts on 318.

Ashley Howard Winchester_004
A lot has happened since my last post. The building work is coming on fast and each time I visit there is something new to see. Today I was shown the beautifully crafted new wooden doors which complement the many old ones that are still in place. Each door opens onto a space that is gearing up for action.
318 Ceramics is a creative organisation which promotes excellence in ceramics by providing education and support to all makers from beginners to professional. 
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