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An Interview with Beth Lanning
Gareth Mason took some time out of his busy schedule last week to interview 318 Ceramics volunteer and maker Beth Lanning about her experiences working with Paul Cummins' team making ceramics poppies for the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red installation at the Tower of London. 

Gareth: What inspired you to join the poppies team?    

Beth: After graduating from UCA in 2013 I had been struggling to get motivated to do my own practice without the support from fellow students. I thought that getting involved with a team and producing art with a group of people would help inspire me to get making again. A friend told me about the poppies so I got in contact and went to work in Derby in Paul Cummins’ studio for a week. The fact that what we were making represented something so powerful was a massive draw. I really wanted to be involved because I thought that the idea was so ambitious and the subject is something that has affected so many people.     

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